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The central function of KATAJA is to support doctoral students in their efforts to attain a doctoral degree.Doctoral level education in business studies is offered at 12 universities in Finland. The cooperation between these is important because of the small size of business administration departments, the large number of subjects taught, the geographical dispersion of universites, and the effective use of resources. KATAJA also coordinates seven graduate schools of business studies across member universities.
General information on KATAJA’S teaching program
Since the beginning of the 1980’s KATAJA has organized research courses and tutorials for doctoral students in business studies.KATAJA’s teaching program consists of subject courses, specialized courses, and courses in research skills. Subject courses deal with the theories of central research fields and the bases of these. Specialized courses focus on topical research themes within the various research areas. Training in research skills consists of courses in research methods and philosophy of science.KATAJA courses are open for all doctoral students from business schools in Finland (kauppatieteet/handelshögskolor). Students from other fields are admitted only if there if there is room in the 
In short, KATAJA
-  Offers high quality international courses that support student and 
teacher networking, both nationally and internationally. KATAJA also co-operates with EIASM (www.eiasm.org) in organizing EDEN courses.

- Organizes doctoral courses in a variety of business subjects 
(Entrepreneurship, Finance, International Business, Logistics and 
Supply Chain Management, Management, and Marketing)

- Supports external mentoring and advising at tutorials/workshops and courses