The central function of KATAJA is to support doctoral students in their efforts to attain a doctoral degree. Doctoral level education in business studies is currently offered at 10 universities in Finland. Their participation in the national KATAJA network helps all parties involved to make the most out of limited resources devoted to doctoral education in business.

KATAJA steering group for 2023–2024

  • University of Vaasa: Professor Minna Martikainen (chair)
  • Aalto University: Professor Johanna Moisander
  • Hanken school of economics: Professor Gyöngyi Kovacs
  • LUT University: Professor Paavo Ritala
  • University of Eastern Finland: Professor Juho Pesonen
  • University of Jyväskylä: Associate Professor Anna Salonen
  • University of Oulu: Professor Tuija Mainela
  • Tampere University: Professor Lasse Koskinen
  • Turku University: Professor Juuso Töyli
  • Åbo Akademi: Professor Wilhelm Barner-Rasmussen

Member universities

Associate members

Key funders

In addition to funding from member universities, roughly half of KATAJA´s annual budget comes from private foundations.

International networks

KATAJA fosters internationalization and high-quality teaching by inviting highly regarded international faculty to lecture in our doctoral courses.

In addition to KATAJA courses, we strongly recommend doctoral students to get acquainted with course offerings by international networks in doctoral education. Attending such courses foster international collaboration among doctoral students, help students create broader international networks, and acquaints students with new academic institutions. International courses available for Finnish doctoral students are offered by, for instance: