Advanced Applications of Regression Analysis

Time: May 16 – May 17, 2017 (from 09:00 – 17:00)

Place: Department of Marketing, Aalto University School of Business

Learning Goal and Objectives: This course will advance students’ understanding of regression analysis and foster students’ skills in applying regression analysis to practical research problems. It deals with multi-level data, including hands-on MLwiN comptuer training. Specifically, the course will cover (1) introduction to multilevel analysis, (2) applications of multilevel analysis in management and marketing research, (3) special topics of multilevel analysis (e.g., model selection, longitudinal data, and endogeneity), (4) introduction to MLwiN and hands-on computer training.

Instruction and examination: Pre and background readings will be assigned prior to the course start. Examination will consist of multiple parts: (1) two presentations (day one and day two): 33.3%, (2) participation in discussions: 33.3%, and (3) two in-class assignments: 33.3%

Credits: 2 ECTS

Grading: 1-5 scale

Prerequisites: The course is designed for doctoral students in advanced stages with a quantitative approach in their research. The course requires basic understanding of the graduate level course on “Statistical Analysis” or equivalent knowledge of basic statistics and regression analysis. Studentsat the early stages in their doctoral program might also participate if they meet this requirement.

Admittance: 25 doctoral students are admitted to the course. Please send an application until April 16, 2017 to Alexei Gloukhovtsev ( Include to following documents: (1) A one-page motivation letter stating how this course will help you in your dissertation and (2) a one-page resume. (Please mention following information explicitly: Name, Gender, Finnish social security number (birth date if the person does not have a Finnish social security number), Nationality, Email, and Phone number – this is required by the university to register the student’s course credits in a university data base, which the student can access at any time, and the data will not be used for any other purpose.) Acceptance notification will be send two weeks after the deadline.

Instructor: Prof. Dr. Ad de Jong, Aston Business School,

Course Coordinator and contact information:  Alexei Gloukhovtsev, Aalto University School of Business,