Advanced Doctoral Course on Case Studies in Business and Management Research

Course Description:The purpose of this course is to introduce doctoral students from Europe and around the world to the diversity of ways of conducting case study research and to improve their own research practice. It aims to provide an overview of recent trends and debates on the case study in management and organization research.This course will focus on issues that are often left out of methodology courses and training, notably: What are the different views on the theoretical contribution that a case study can make, and what lies behind these differences? As researchers, how can we theorize from case studies? How do ontological and epistemological assumptions affect views about case study quality and design? What is the ‘disciplinary convention’ regarding the case study in your own field of research, and why does it matter? What are your options when writing up your case study for publication? What are the current trends in case research in top management journals? What can management researchers learn from case study trends in other fields, such as political science? Detailed lecture notes and handouts will be provided and examples from top journals will be collectively analyzed by course participants.

Learning outcomes: This course has a strong focus on the process and practice of conducting case studies which necessitates interaction with fellow students and faculty. After this course, the doctoral student will be able to evaluate case research with increased confidence and enhance his/her own case study design.

Course requirements: Basic course in research methodology

Target group: Phd students

Course Language: English

ECTS: 6 Credits

Number of students: 25.

Course work and evaluation: Please see course programme on the EIASM/EDEN home page

Instructors: Professor Rebecca Piekkari, Aalto University School of Business, Associate Professor Catherine Welch, The University of Sydney Business School

Course Coordinator and contact person:

Application: Interested doctoral students should register online (and add the required documents) no later than September 29, 2014. Besides doctoral students, other researchers may participate. The number of participants will be limited to create a stimulating environment. The selection among the applicants will be conducted by the Institute’s Faculty. They will review the following documents which should necessarily complement each application form:

  • the applicant’s curriculum vitae demonstrating his/her capabilities of doing research ;
  • a letter of recommendation of his/her local faculty supporting the application ;
  • a two-page description of his/her doctoral research, indicating the general objectives.

Note that you have to apply to the course from the EIASM/EDEN homepage!