Advanced Financial statement analysis

Time: 22. – 25.08.2016

Place: University of Oulu, Linnanmaa Campus, Oulu

Learning Goal and Objectives: This course covers selected topics in empirical research in financial analysis. We aim at understanding how accounting research questions are addressed using empirical-archival methods. To obtain a broad understanding of empirical research in financial analysis, it is necessary to read thoroughly, and understand the required readings. For each paper, you should be able to answer three questions: (1) what is the research question? (2) How is it answered, i.e., what is the approach, what is the setting? (3) What answer is reached? We will use these questions in our discussions. You need to come prepared to discuss the topics in class. While I do not expect you to find critical flaws in every paper, I expect you to try by reading these papers with skepticism. Your appreciation for the research will be that much greater.

Instruction and examination: Pre-readings, Lectures and an Open-book Exam

Credits: 6 ECTS

Grading: 1-5

Prerequisites: PhD students

Admittance: Max 20 students of those who have registered to the course by the deadline June 26 by sending an e-mail to course coordinator Prof. Juha-Pekka Kallunki (

Instructors: Prof. Per Olsson, ESMT Berlin Business School

Course coordinator and contact information: Prof. Juha-Pekka Kallunki, University of Oulu,