Advances in B2B marketing research (EIASM)

Time: 19th August – 22nd August, 2019

Place: Turku School of Economics, Finland

Learning goal and objectives

Business-to-business (B2B) markets form a cornerstone of the Finnish as well as many European economies, making industrial marketing an important field of research. This course provides an understanding on the most recent streams of B2B research relating to the concepts of value, service, networks and strategy. It gives an overview of the dominant research paradigms, key theories, publishing opportunities and future development trends in the study field supporting doctoral candidates in publishing their research and developing their academic career.

Learning objectives of the course are: 1) to deepen candidate’s knowledge of the selected concepts and theories, 2) to enhance one’s ability to identify different paradigms and their requirements for research and 3) to develop one’s skills in applying learned knowledge in one’s own thesis project. As a cooperative effort by EIASM and KATAJA the course will provide an excellent opportunity for personal networking with international faculty and fellow candidates.

Instruction and examination

Intensive seminar including lectures, group work, presentations and different types of class-room interaction. Altogether, 35 hours in a four-day intensive format. A package of readings (about 5 articles per day) will be prepared specifically for the course and must be read in advance.

1. Individual pre-assignment based on assigned readings list (20% of the grade).
2. In class assignments/presentations (single or in-group) based on assigned reading list (20% of the grade).
3. Individual final assignment: a course paper that applies course material and ideally becomes part of the candidates’ doctoral dissertation (60% of the grade).

Credits: 6 ECTS

Grading: 1-5 scale