Conceptual Foundation and Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing

Course Name:  Conceptual Foundation and Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing

Time & place:  August 22-24, 2018 (09:00 – 18:00), Aalto University School of Business, Töölö-Campus, Helsinki

Learning goal and objectives

The goal of this course is an in-depth introduction to substantive literature in digital marketing. We will draw concepts and theories from the literature that differentiate digital marketing from the traditional marketing. For example, what economic theories are needed to conceptualize digital marketing environment, how the customer and firm behaviors have changed in an online marketing world, and what new tools and techniques are needed to understand digital market place at conceptual and empirical level?  Such a holistic understanding of digital marketing environment that includes firm as well as customer behavior requires an interdisciplinary approach, drawing concepts from various disciplines such as economics, psychology, and sociology in addition to marketing literature. Based on these conceptual foundations, we will also investigate what are the emerging trends in digital marketing environment.

The course will help in developing an appreciation for concepts taught in the class that explains customer and firm behavior in this digital world. Furthermore, students can utilize these concepts in their research for a theoretical and conceptual explanation of problem under investigation. The in-class discussion on various journal articles will help students relate those ideas to different marketing-related problems.

In addition, the learning outcomes of the course are:

  • An understanding of the historical perspective of digital marketing concepts.
  • An in-depth understanding of key concepts, theories, and methodologies used in digital marketing research.
  • How to generate “ideas,” evaluate “research potential,” gravitate from “idea generation” to “research execution,” and writing a research paper.

Instruction and examination: 

Understanding of pre-reading package 20%
Participation in lecture 10%
Group discussion 30%
Written assignments (2000-4000 words) 40%


Credits:  6ECTS

Grading: Based on 0-5 scale.

Prerequisites: Basic courses on principles of marketing, probability and statistics. Assigned pre-course readings.

Admittance: By application (CV and short motivation letter)

Instructors: Prof. Ashish Kumar, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Aalto University School of Business. (

Course coordinator and contact information: Prof. Ashish Kumar, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Aalto University School of Business. (