Consumer Marketing


Time and place:

Course consist of both onsite and online days as follows:

  • In person in Vaasa on 24-25.9.2024
    • Welcoming dinner at the evening on 24.9.
    • Klaus Grunert (full day) on 25.9.
  • Online once a week during the following three weeks
    • Hannele Kauppinen-Räisänen (half a day) on 8.10.24
    • Harri Luomala (half a day) on 15.10.24
    • Henna Syrjälä & Nina Mesiranta (full day) on 22.10.24

Learning goal and objectives: The course aims at providing an overview of the major theoretical and paradigmatic approaches within consumer marketing. Therefore, the course gives a basic understanding on the various approaches on consumer research in marketing discipline, with a particular focus on translating how each of them can be applied to, and what they do mean for, consumer marketing practices and management. Emphasis is given to the ability to probe into the fundamental assumptions underlying different theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches, as well as into their limitations. The learning goal is to not only support participants’ own Ph.D. research but also offer a systematic ‘state-of-the-art’ overview on the wide-ranging field of consumer marketing.

Instruction and examination: This course employs the so-called flipped learning methodology comprising students’ pre-work consisting of a reading package as well as the preparation of mini-presentations to be held during the course days. The course begins with a full in person day held in the campus of University of Vaasa. Participation in person in this day is compulsory. The following three weeks include online teaching based on experiential and digital learning methods (e.g. carried out via group discussions in breakout rooms) that complement lectures given by faculty members. The course work is finalized with an individual learning diary that students can write during the course.

Credits: 6 ECTS

Grading: The course grading (1-5) is based on students’ mini-presentations (40%) and learning diaries (60%).

Prerequisites: Earlier studies (e.g. M.Sc.) in marketing are preferable. The course is recommended especially for students in the early stages of their doctoral research.

Admittance:  The maximum number of students is 25. The participants will be selected based on KATAJA’s general instructions. There is no course fee.

Fill in the course application form and send it no later than Mon 12 Aug 2024 to the course coordinators. Please, remember to indicate your motivation and the phase of your doctoral studies properly. The acceptance will be notified by 26 Aug 2024.

Note! As the amount of participants is limited, the application (when accepted) is binding. In case you have to cancel, please inform us immediately.


Course head: Docent Henna Syrjälä, University of Vaasa.

Faculty members and their topics on the course:

  • Klaus G Grunert (Aarhus University, Denmark): Historical insights to consumer behavior research and its development

  • Docent, Senior Research Fellow Nina Mesiranta (University of Tampere): Consumption practices and the sociomateriality of consumption

  • Docent, Senior researcher Henna Syrjälä (University of Vaasa): Basic premises of cultural consumer marketing


Course coordinators and contact information:

Docent Henna Syrjälä, +358 29 449 8483

Doctoral researcher Essi Vesterinen

University of Vaasa, School of Marketing and Communication, P.O.Box 700, FI-65101 Vaasa, Finland.


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