CSR and politics: Corporate power, legitimacy and global governance

Time & place: 14.5.2018-18.5.2018, Hanken School of Economics

Learning goal and objectives

The aim of the course is to deepen the critical understanding of how multinational corporations and business interest groups impact national, transnational and global governance. It interrogates the often uneasy relationship between business and politics and makes explicit connections to corporate social responsibility (CSR) discussions such as political CSR and extended corporate citizenship.

The course approaches the subject from a cross-disciplinary perspective, bringing together faculty from management and organization, business and society, world politics, political economy, and supply chain management.

Upon completion of the course you will be able to critically analyze the role of business in relation to national, transnational and/or global governance; combine insights from various disciplines to research the politics of CSR;  identify various challenges this poses in terms of democracy

Instruction and examination

  • Instruction: 5 days of seminars, 14.5.2018-18.5.2018
  • Precourse work; article analysis, presentation of findings (30%)
  • Final paper; research paper (70%)

Credits: 6 ECTS

Grading: Pass/fail

Prerequisites: The course is designed as cross-disciplinary. It is targeted to PhD students doing research on CSR, corporate citizenship, social movements, stakeholder management and transnational/global governance. This can target students majoring in, among others,  international business, management, supply chain management, and  world politics. The maximum number of participants is 25. If more apply, the selection is based on the course’s relevance to the applicant’s thesis topic as well as previous studies.

Admittance: Interested applicants should register online (and submit the required documents) no later than February 23rd 2018.

Please fill in the application form-  https://forma.hanken.fi/lomakkeet/848/lomake.html and upload the following documents (in the form itself):

  • the applicant’s curriculum vitae demonstrating his/her capabilities of doing research within the topic
  • two-page description of doctoral research proposal


  • Nikodemus Solitander, Hanken School of Economics:
  • Martin Fougère, Hanken School of Economics
  • Ville-Pekka Sorsa, Hanken School of Economics
  • Prof. Mette Morsing, Stockholm School of Economics
  • Other faculty to be confirmed

Course coordinator and contact information: Nikodemus Solitander, solitander@hanken.fi