Doctoral course on entrepreneurship essentials

Time & place: 27.8.-30.8.2018, Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki

Learning goal and objectives

The course offers students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with some of the novel and more established theoretical themes in Entrepreneurship research, and to identify interesting research questions and designs related to studying these themes.

During the course, through reading and discussion, the students develop an understanding of entrepreneurship as a field of research. We also visit topics that have recently drawn the attention of entrepreneurship scholars and offer interesting avenues for future research. These topics pose their unique challenges for empirical inquiry that we will address. For example, we will discuss data sources (e.g., surveys, Nordic statistics bureaus, web APIs and scraping) and related quantitative and qualitative data analysis methods.

By the end of the course, the students should have a basic understanding of some of the foundational and recent theoretical discussions in entrepreneurship research. They should be able to identify interesting research questions related to the different research themes, and to design studies that address them. The course will also give students an opportunity to develop their existing research plans through presentations and feedback from the instructors and the audience resulting in a draft article. In the end of the course, students should have improved publication abilities in entrepreneurship.

Instruction and examination

The course will feature discussion of entrepreneurship and methodological literature, and presentations made by the students. The course is held at Hanken’s premises in downtown Helsinki. The aforementioned theoretical topics are tentative, and may be updated based developments in the research field.

There will be both pre-course and post-course assignments.




Grading is accepted or not accepted, and will be based on active participation, and the pre- and post-course assignments.


Previous studies in entrepreneurship highly recommended


25 students. Apply by sending an e-mail and a free-form research plan to Assistant Professor Juhana Peltonen, no later than 31.05.2018.

Those accepted will be notified on 8.6.2018. In case the number of applications surpasses the capacity of the course, admission will be determined based on the quality of the research plans.


Assistant Professor Juhana Peltonen, Hanken School of Economics

Assistant Professor Thommie Burström, Hanken School of Economics

Professor Joakim Wincent, Hanken School of Economics

Course coordinator and contact information: 

Juhana Peltonen (