Doctoral Course on Theories and Research in International Business

Time: 03. – 10.10. 2016

Place: University of Vaasa, Wolffintie 34, 65200 Vaasa

Learning Goal and Objectives: The course gives an overview of main theories and research traditions in international business research. Students learn about seminal and key studies, history, current situation and future trends of research on internationalization processes, international entrepreneurship, foreign direct investment and international business networks. Emphasis is on discussing the evolvement of the research streams and understanding their core assumptions. During the course students read, analyze, and discuss research publications in the area and develop skills in scientific argumentation and writing. This ability facilitates the design and writing of a doctoral thesis. The course should give a good platform to formulate research problems and start doctoral research in the international business field.

Instruction and examination: Active participation during the course, final report to be delivered by December 12th, 2016

Credits: 6 ECTS

Grading: 1-5

Prerequisites: PhD student

Admittance: To be announced

Instructors: Professor Ulf Andersson, Mälardalen University; Professor Mika Gabrielsson, University of Eastern Finland; Professor Jorma Larimo, University of Vaasa; Professor Tuija Mainela, University of Oulu

Course Coordinator and contact information: Jorma Larimo, corresponding instructor and course responsible