New Product Development and Innovation Strategy: Creativity, Innovation, and Marketing

Time: 24. – 28.7.2017

Place: Helsinki

Learning goals and objectives: The purpose of this seminar is to introduce doctoral program students the breadth of new product development (NPD) and innovation strategy topics by reading and discussing important articles in leading journals ranging from a historical to contemporary perspective.  The domain of topics contained within NPD and innovation strategy is quite diverse as its interdisciplinary roots come from related fields including management, marketing, economics, psychology and sociology.  You will be encouraged to explore areas beyond our formal readings in preparation of papers, discussion leadership and your presentation.  You are encouraged to stay current in your reading in marketing, strategy, and related journals.  By reading and discussing journal articles, students will learn to analyze the key ideas, identify the gaps in the literature, and develop their own research ideas toward original scholarly papers in NPD and innovation strategy. The ultimate goal of this class is to help you learn how to write “a research paper” that can be published in a premium journal.

Instruction and examination: This Ph.D. seminar course includes 35 hours in a five-day intensive format. The course consists of three parts: 1. Read articles in the pre-reading package, 2. Participate in lectures, presentations, discussions and critiques of articles, and group brainstorming for future research ideas, 3. Write a research proposal/theory paper as the examination of the course.

Requirements: 1. Reading of key assigned articles (3-5 articles each day) in the pre-reading package. Prepare a summary and a critique for the assigned article.
2. Lectures by instructors, active participation in presentation, discussion, and critique of an article.
3. Research proposal: A written proposal (up to 5 pages, double-spaced) should be submitted within 1 week after class as the final examination for grading.

Credits: 6 ECTS

Grading: 1-5

Prerequisites: Ph.D. students in KATAJA program (preferably marketing and strategy/management students)

Admittance: The maximum number of students is 25 and the participants will be selected on the basis of KATAJA’s general instructions. There is no course fee for KATAJA member universities. However, each student has to cover for her/his travel expenses, accommodation and meals. Send your application (including one page CV and a max. 10 page research plan) to course coordinator  by 23th of June 2017 (16.00hrs). The selected students will be informed by email by the end of June, 2017.

Instructors: Subin Im, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Graduate School of Business
Professor of Marketing, Yonsei Business School

Course coordinator and contact information: Sanna-Katriina Asikainen,, +358401476702