Research traditions in International Sales Management (EIASM)

Time & place: 15 – 18.04. 2019, University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio (Funded by EIASM/KATAJA)

Learning Goal and Objectives

Recently, the importance of sales management in international context has been widely recognized, yet, there is a lack of courses offering high-level understanding of the relevant theories and research traditions. Hence, this course sets as its learning goal that students will familiarize themselves with theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of international sales management, which can be divided into following objectives: Knowledge related: The students will be able to describe and explain the body of theoretical and methodological approaches used in the study of sales management in international context. Skills related: The students will be able to carry out critical analysis of scientific articles and other academic texts and apply their ideas to the student’s own research.

Instruction and Examination

Four instruction days offered by internationally recognized Professors. Study material: a set of articles specified by the teacher. Examination: Based on participation and term paper.

Credits: 6 ECTS

Grading: 1-5

Prerequisites: Earlier studies of marketing and international business preferable.

Admittance: 25 students, based on application. Applications are to be submitted through the EIASM webpages.


Timeschedule/Instructors (15th April 10 am – 18th April 4 pm):

15th April: Professor Dr. Mika Gabrielsson (University of Eastern Finland):
               Sales channels and their Management in international context
16th April: Professor Dr. Ellen Pullins (University of Toledo):
Sales processes and Communication in international context
17th April: Professor Dr. Petri Parvinen (Aalto University):
Phenomenal and Methodological advancements of sales research in international context
18st April: Professor Dr. Ellen Pullins (University of Toledo) & Professor Dr. Mika Gabrielsson:
               Strategic sales management and Leadership in international context

Course coordinator and contact information:
Marina Kovalchuk;