Theories and Research in Global Marketing

Theories and Research in International and Global Marketing

Time and place: 5 days, preliminary 25.11.2024 – 29.11.2024, Face to face, University of Vaasa, Vaasa.

Learning goal and objectives:

The objective is to give an overview of main theories, research traditions, key studies, and current situation and future trends related to international and global marketing. The course focuses on recent developments and issues involved in international and global marketing research and is divided into broad thematic areas:  international and global marketing and its importance to business research, standardization versus adaptation of international marketing strategy, cross-national cultural topics, international consumer strategy, international competitiveness and innovation, global brand strategy, international channel strategy, cross-country sustainability issues, international ethical issues, and international digitalization topics. Using a systematic analysis of the articles in each thematic area, students will develop a greater understanding of a wide array of international marketing issues from an academic perspective.

By attending this course, students are expected to accomplish the following learning outcomes:

  • to become aware of current trends in international and global marketing research;
  • to become familiar with different types of academic research and articles in this field;
  • to understand key conceptual, methodological, and empirical issues relating to research published in reputable journals in this field;
  • to become familiar with the analytical methods and skills required to conduct high quality research; and
  • to understand the various stages of writing an academic article in the international and global marketing field.


Instruction and examination:

This course is highly interactive between the students and the instructor(s), with the goals of cultivating critical thinking and enhancing skills to conduct international marketing research. Each student will have the responsibility to be familiar with a specific thematic area and act as a discussant during the presentation of other thematic areas. All students must be ready to contribute to the course through constructive participation and discussion.


Credits: 6 ECTS.


Grading: Student assessment in this course is based on continuous and periodic methods with the following structure: 1) class participation; 2) article presentation(s); 3) article discussant; and 4) final report. The grading scale is 0-5 (failed, sufficient, satisfactory, good, very good, and excellent).


Prerequisites: Participants are to have appropriate knowledge (equivalent to Master-level) ) in at least one of the areas: 1) International business, 2) International / global marketing, and 3) Marketing.


Admittance: 25 students are admitted to the course. The application to the course should include no more than one page of text including: a) maximum 250-word description of the dissertation project; and b) motivation/reasons applicant needs to participate in the course. This information should be sent as an attachment to the course coordinator by Sunday 15th September 2024 at 23:59. Participants will be notified about their admittance by Friday 20th September 2024.



Brian R. Chabowski, Ph.D, Professor of Marketing, University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. Homepage: Teaching 4 days.

Brian Chabowski is a Professor of Marketing specializing in environmental, social, and economic sustainability, international marketing strategy, and the interdisciplinary application of international business. He has published in top academic journals such as the Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of International Marketing, and other outlets. Brian is also on the editorial review board for the Journal of International Business, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of International Marketing, Journal of Business Research, and AMS Review. He has served as a special section editor and ad hoc reviewer several times. Chabowski has had experience working and living in Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, and Estonia. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree, he was a United States Peace Corps volunteer for three years in Lithuania. Most recently, he was a Fulbright Scholar for one year in Finland.


Peter Gabrielsson, D.Sc., Professor of International Marketing, University of Vaasa, Finland. Homepage: Teaching 1 day.


Peter Gabrielsson is Professor of International Marketing at the School of Marketing and Communication, University of Vaasa, Finland. He serves as Director of the International Business and Marketing Strategies research group. He is also Adjunct Professor at Aalto University, School of Business. Peter achieved his doctorate degree at the Helsinki School of Economics (currently Aalto University). He lectures about global marketing management and international entrepreneurship. He has also successfully supervised a number of doctoral students. His current research interests include the globalization process of firms, born globals, international entrepreneurship, global marketing strategies, entrepreneurial marketing, business models, digitalization and sustainable marketing. He has led several large research projects, for instance “Born Globals: Growth Stages and Survival” and “International New Ventures: Growth and Decision-making” financed by Business Finland, and published in journals including the Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Journal of World Business, Journal of International Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management, International Business Review, Management International Review, and International Marketing Review. He is editorial board member for Journal of International Marketing and Industrial Marketing Management. He has been featured in live interviews at various media including CNN and Reuters. He has extensive experience in senior management positions at global ICT firms and continues to consult firms actively.


Course coordinator and contact information:

Professor Peter Gabrielsson,