Theories and Research in International Business

Time and place: 26.-29.9.2022, University of Oulu Business School

Learning goal and objectives:

The course gives an overview of main theories and research traditions in the area of international business (IB). Students learn about key studies, the history and current situation of the field, as well as future trends in internationalization processes (incl. born globals), international strategy, headquarters-subsidiary relationships, and MNC management. The emphasis is on understanding the core assumptions and evolution of these major streams of IB research. Participants develop their scientific argumentation and writing skills by reading, analyzing, and discussing relevant research, which in turn facilitates their work in designing and writing a doctoral thesis. The course gives a good basis for formulating research problems and conducting doctoral research in the field of international business.

Instruction and examination:

The course includes 1) pre-course work with reading a package of research articles, 2) 4-day intensive instruction with lecturing and discussion and 3) writing of a final research paper. The course examination is based on active participation during the course and a written report on a chosen IB topic.

Credits: 6 ECTS

Grading: 1-5


Students should meet the following pre-requirements to be eligible for the course: PhD student

25 students are admitted to the course. To apply, send the application to the course coordinator by email by August 1, 2022.

The application is a maximum 1 page motivation letter including a short description of the applicant’s PhD research, stage of the doctoral studies, motives for attending the course, and the following personal information

University, faculty and department:


Ulf Andersson, Professor, Mälardalen University Sweden, Adjunct Professor at BI Norwegian Business School, Senior Editor of Journal of World Business, research focus: strategy and management of the MNE, subsidiary development, knowledge governance and transfer, and network theory,

Alejandro Rialp Criado, Professor, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain, Adjunct Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, editorial board member of International Business Review and Journal of International Entrepreneurship, research focus: international business/marketing and international entrepreneurship domains, especially internationalization of new ventures and established SMEs

Ahmad Arslan, Professor, University of Oulu Business School, Finland, Honorary Professor, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, Senior Editor of International Journal of Emerging Markets and editorial board member of British Journal of Management, Journal of International Management, Journal of Business Research and Journal of Knowledge Management. Research focus: Agility & Resilience, Mergers and Acquisitions, International strategy & operations management. 

Tuija Mainela, Professor, University of Oulu Business School, Finland, editorial board member of Industrial Marketing Management and Journal of International Entrepreneurship, research focus: international entrepreneurship, internationalization of firms, dynamics of business networks and interpersonal relationships

Instructors may be added or changed if need arises.

Course coordinator:

Kaisu Jansson,