Theories and Research in International Business

Time & Place: September 27-30, 2021, University of Eastern Finland (Note: online course)

Learning goal and objectives

The course gives an overview of main theories and research traditions in the area of international business (IB). Students learn about key studies, the history and current situation of the field, as well as future trends in internationalization processes (incl. born globals), international strategy, headquarters-subsidiary relationships, and MNC management. The emphasis is on understanding the core assumptions and evolution of these major streams of IB research. Participants develop their scientific argumentation and writing skills by reading, analyzing and discussing relevant research, which in turn facilitates their work in designing and writing a doctoral thesis. The course gives a good basis for formulating research problems and conducting doctoral research in the field of international business.

Instruction and examination: Active participation during the course, written report

Credits: 6 ECTS

Grading: 1-5 Prerequisites: PhD Student

Admittance: maximum 25 participants. To apply, send the application (template below) to course coordinator Joona Kemppainen by July 31st.

Instructors: Sylvie Chetty, Ulf Andersson, Rudolf Sinkovics, Mika Gabrielsson;
instructors may be added or changed if need arises.

Course coordinator and contact information: Joona Kemppainen: 

Course application template

University, faculty and department :
Officially accepted as Ph.D. student (when and where?):
Research field:
Subject or title of dissertation:
Phase of doctoral studies:
Motives for participating in the course: