Work and Career in Business Schools

Time & place: 12.5.-14.5.2020, Helsinki, Aalto University

Learning goal and objectives:

The broad aim of the course is to develop the participants’ understanding about the past, present, and future of business schools as academic institutions, workplaces and societally important actors. On the successful completion of this course, students will increase their knowledge of different career alternatives for business school PhDs. As an outcome, the participants will be better equipped to make well-informed career choices and supported to plan and build international careers in academia. More specifically, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the composition of the global business school field, and how the interplay of the different actors influences the field-level competitive dynamics.
  • Evaluate the various career alternatives of business school graduates within an outside the academia.
  • Recognize the importance of the early career phase and gain confidence in designing and implementing one’s own career plans in the context of the ever more globalizing business school field.

Instruction and examination

Attendance during 3 intensive course days, pre-readings, essay & learning diary

Credits: 7,5

Grading: Pass7Fail

Prerequisites: Only doctoral students are eligible.

Admittance: We welcome doctoral students with various disciplinary backgrounds in business and management studies. Each applicant must submit an e-mail application, including basic information (name, contact information, the place of study, the name of the supervisor, and a brief statement of your motivation for applying to the course).

The course will accept max. 25 students. The application deadline is Monday 20th April. One can apply by sending an e-mail application to the course coordinator (contact information below).

Instructors: Prof. Kimmo Alajoutsijärvi (University of Agder, Norway), Prof. Henrikki Tikkanen (Aalto University), Head of Faculty Development Dr. Kerttu Kettunen (University of Turku), Dr. Julie Davies (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)

Course coordinator and contact information: Planning officer Hanne Lehtinen, Aalto University, hanne.lehtinen(at)